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A group of professionals, originally from Asia and now residing in the U.S., formed Eastern Dawn Books in April 2019. We embrace the multicultural environment and celebrate the diversity found in our new U.S homes. In the meantime, we cherish our Asian roots and want to continue reading and appreciating the beauty of our first languages.  Though comfortable in the English-speaking world, we are longing for the comfort and satisfaction of reading in our native language. We also would like to teach our children our mother tongue as their second language. With the more than 10 million Asians in the U.S. and increasing numbers of non-Asians showing interest in learning far eastern languages, we recognized the demand for more Asian books. And that is how the company was started.

With passion for success, connections in Asia and strong work ethic, we strive to be your best one-stop shop for Asian books. We work with many publishers and provide all types of best-selling books in Chinese, Filipino, Vietnamese, Korean and Japanese. Though the database of books is still being expanded, we do take custom orders and provide inquiry-based orders. No matter if you are just leisurely browsing, have a specific shopping list, or would like monthly/quarterly book recommendations, we are confident that we can provide outstanding products with the best service.