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  • Si Janus Silang at ang Tiyanak ng Tabon

    Si Janus Silang at ang Tiyanak ng Tabon

    In a TALA Online tournament in the town of Balanga, all the players fell dead, save for Janus. Soon after that, teen after teen suffered deaths in computer shops around the country. Janus was contacted by someone who calls himself Joey, apparently...

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  • El Filibusterismo

    El Filibusterismo

    The winner of 1999 National Book Award for Best Translation.---Nasa Brussels si Jose Rizal noong Hunyo 1890 nang balakin niyang isulat ang karugtong ng nobelang Noli Me Tangere. Natapos niya ang El Filibusterismomakalipas ang isang taon sa kabila ng mga...

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  • Alamat ng Ampalaya (Filipino/English)

    Alamat ng Ampalaya (Filipino/English)

    This is an original story on the legend of the bitter gourd. The story excites the imagination of children and warns them against the evil of envy and greed.---Isang orihinal na kuwento tungkol sa alamat ng ampalaya, pinupukaw nito ang imahinasyon ng mga...

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  • May Higante sa Aming Bahay (Filipino/English)

    May Higante sa Aming Bahay (Filipino/English)

    Nanay, Ate, and Kuya are so busy. They say there is someone coming to the house, so they are restless. What a surprise it was for me that it was a giant who arrived! He was as tall as the electric posts and was as wide as a display shelf. Who is he,...

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