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  • A Basket in War

    A Basket in War

    This is a true-to-life story of a 5 year old child kept inside a basket during the war in Mindanao. This is his story from war to peace. When there is war, children often rely on their families for protection. This is a different story. A basket...

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  • Ang Maraming Ngalan ni Emilio

    Ang Maraming Ngalan ni Emilio

    The young man with many names did numerous admirable things. Which is why it is not surprising that he is honored today in the pages of history.---Kay daming nagawang kahanga-hanga ng binatang may iba't ibang pangalan. Kaya't hindi nakapagtatakang...

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  • EDSA


    Different sights. Different experiences. What happened in the middle of EDSA? How did the people come together? Let us remember one of the most significant events in our history.---Sari-saring makikita. Iba’t ibang karanasan. Ano ang naganap sa gitna ng...

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