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  • Can We Live on Mars?

    Can We Live on Mars?

    At the rate that people are exploring space, will it take long before we actually start living on Mars? Discover the beginnings of astronomy, the different kinds of heavenly bodies, and the many space explorations taking place. Find out whether we can...

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  • Chenelyn! Chenelyn!

    Chenelyn! Chenelyn!

    Househelps or housekeepers are part of the common Filipino family. They do various important things in the household, which is why they are considered magicians by children. But what will happen if a home’s resident magician fall weak or ill?---Bahagi ng...

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  • Dumaan si Butiki

    Dumaan si Butiki

    There on the ceiling, here on the floor. Everywhere and anywhere, goes little Butiki.---Doon sa kisame, dito sa sahig. Kung saan-saan dumaraan ang maliit na si Butiki.

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  • Bahay Kubo

    Bahay Kubo

    This well-loved Filipino song has been put to print a number of times over the past years. What makes this particular edition unique is that it is made especially for young children – the format and the method in which it is illustrated appeals to the...

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