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  • Love in the Evolution---革命时期的爱情

    Love in the Evolution---革命时期的爱情

    This is a book about sex. Sex is driven by its own power, but sometimes it is not allowed to do it spontaneously, which makes it very complicated. The story is about the individual pursuit of pure love and sex in the period of fanaticism and blindness...

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  • Love Gondola---恋爱的贡多拉

    Love Gondola---恋爱的贡多拉

    A novel that combines love and reasoning perfectly. The work describes emotional entanglements between eight pairs of men and women using psychological reasoning to progressively analyze the psychological hypnosis between lovers and the secret of deep...

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  • Wonderful Japanese---第十年的情人节

    Wonderful Japanese---第十年的情人节

    Northern California, during the violent end of the 1960s. At the start of summer, a lonely and thoughtful teenager, Evie Boyd, sees a group of girls in the park, and is immediately caught by their freedom, their careless dress, their dangerous aura of...

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